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Health Tips

HEALING - God designed the body to heal itself
The body has its own intelligence. A practitioner can only facilitate healing.
INJURIES - Treat soon after injury for best results
Delay causes scar tissue to build, making treatment more painful and longer to obtain relief and healing.
WATER - Necessary for good results
Muscle is like cardboard. If dry, it’s hard and stiff. If wet, it’s soft and pliable — easier to manage. Hydration lessens pain. It helps blood to circulate, delivering nutrients to cells and removing toxins. It allows nerve impulses to travel more efficiently so various organs and parts can respond effectively. Water is vital for good health! Adults — drink 8-10 glasses a day.
FOOD - A good diet nourishes your body
It must be fed good ingredients, or nutrients, to be healthy. Inferior food, or junk food, temporarily satisfies hunger or cravings without nurturing you. Eat what your body requires to be healthy.
Thoughts affect emotions, which can in turn impact your health. Positive thoughts can promote well-being, while negative thoughts can produce physical symptoms as disease. Positivity includes faith, hope, and trust. Negativity includes fear, doubt, distrust, and cynicism.
Choose a practitioner with whom you feel comfortable, can trust, and can develop a good rapport. Knowledge and skills matter. So do your and the practitioner’s personality, style, and preferences.