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Darrel has an amazing ability to understand your pressure points, your energy, and to correct for imbalances. He is professional, dedicated to his craft, and takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve your best in mind, body, and sprit. Mahalo, Darrel!

— Matthew P

I’ve been a health care practitioner for over 29 years, and I am very discerning of who I refer to for treatments. Once I utilized Darrel for my own mid-back pain, I realized I’ve found the perfect massage therapist to recommend to my patients as well. Darrel is well-versed in his knowledge and skill as a massage therapist. He customizes his treatments based on the patient’s condition and related medical history. His treatments are thorough and his knowledge of the body and injuries are some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I have full confidence in recommending Darrel for treatments.

— Dr. Thomas Iwashita, Chiropractor

After being in five car accidents throughout the years, I was at a crossroad in my life. I could either continue down a path of pain and suffering.  Or, take the path of change and healing. The problem was that I had no idea where this "path of change and healing" was until someone referred me to Darrel. His vast knowledge of anatomy and of the body's overall function has yielded improvements in a short period of time and are inspiring and motivating. After just one of his "no-nonsense" massages, I was able to turn my neck without feeling discomfort. Naturally, I signed up for his Rehab program. Under his guidance and the use of the XLR8 power trainer, which he also uses as a rehab tool, his program focuses on fixing the injury and gradually conditioning the body. After two short weeks, I have regained feeling in my upper trapezius, my vertigo is gone, my pains have drastically lessened, and I am able to hike longer distances without "the usual" debilitating aches. Overall, I can feel my body getting stronger from the inside. I cannot wait to see what more is in store with Darrel's help!

— Brookes P.

In July, 2017, I fell backward 3 steps while walking up the stairs at home. It felt like a whiplash with severe pain in my back and ribs. I was on pain pills for several weeks. The doctor prescribed physical therapy which did not help, so I cancelled it after four visits. I then started massage therapy with Darrel x3 weekly. Soon afterward, I was able to get off pain medication, then allowed to return to work by my doctors. I still have some back pain, but it's more manageable. Hopefully with more massage therapy, I will get better. 

Mid-October, 2017:

I feel much better. I can feel my back and rib muscles stretching and opening up — not as tight and stiff as they were. My posture is also straighter. Darrel has been working slowly and patiently with me. As a result, I'm now able to lie flat on my back for the first time since the injury. At one point, I thought I was nearly healed when I was actually still in the recovery mode. So I lay on my back too long, and the pain recurred. I learned from that, and from what Darrel has taught, that you can't rush the healing process. It takes time, and rushing causes risk of setbacks.

Late November, 2017:

Darrel has been using the XLRL8 power trainer as a rehab tool for me. The combination of this and massage has allowed my body to maintain full range of motion, and helped my heart to now pump to nearly 150 bpm. Swelling in my legs has also decreased, which is very important for me.

— Calvin N.

I have been getting care from Darrel for many years and it's a positive experience every time. I can just lie on the table and his skill and perception allows him to tune in and know just what is needed. I am always impressed with his concern for how I am doing before and after treatment. When I got into a crisis and couldn't walk because of an injury, he went out of his way to accommodate me by rearranging his schedule. In short, he is a real Lifesaver.

— Dr. Jeffrey, Chiropractor

Being a mechanic for over 25 year, I started to feel the typical aches and pains in my neck, back, shoulders, and elbows. I chalked it up to normal wear and tear, and tried to deal with the daily pain the best that I could. Then a friend of mine told me about Darrel Sakamoto, who does massage in Aiea. He told me Darrel could fix my aches and pains in only a few visits. Skeptical, I figured no harm. I would give Darrel a chance. You know what? My friend was absolutely correct. Darrel was able to remove acute pain in my left shoulder with one visit, and the pain in my back that had been bothering me for years in a few visits. He is absolutely amazing! What he does is therapy instead of the touchy-feely kind of massage. It's like a car going through a tuneup instead of a carwash.

I have recommended Darrel to my friends who are also amazed with the quick results. Darrel believes in natural healing, so he also has programs and supplements to help with weight loss, strength training, etc. He offers these programs with no pressure. I continue to use Darrel for deep tissue massage, and he keeps me feeling great! Give Darrel a call and you will be just as amazed! His helper Carol is great to work with as well!

Thank you Darrel and Carol!


— Donny R. — Mililani, HI

Prior to meeting Darrel, I had chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as carpal tunnel for years. I had been to multiple massage therapists, as well as a chiropractor, in search of relief with no luck. By then, I was having my husband massage me nightly just so I could function daily.  

I was referred to Darrel by a friend as I began to prep for my 1st bodybuilding competition back in 2014. I was a bit hesitant to go in, thinking it was only going to be temporary relief. However, Darrel was so highly suggested that I figured I'd try. By then, pain was part of my normal life and I thought massage would help for only a little while like it had in the past. Well, I can confidently admit that I was absolutely wrong this time! The massage was and still continues to be one like no other. I felt SIGNIFICANT relief after just my 1st session. He helped increase my range of motion and mobility. He was able to pinpoint my issues, efficiently resolve them and provide feedback and suggestions to prevent recurrence. There really are no words to describe to difference the massage sessions have made. It's absolutely amazing how much the healing power of massage has been for me. Since then, I've referred numerous Individuals and continue to see him myself regularly. I personally feel the positive effects of Darrel's therapy, and believe massage to be an essential element in aiding our bodies to function & heal normally.

— J. Ramos

When I first started with Darrel, I had a sharp pain in my back which extended into my legs and feet. I could hardly walk, turn, reach, or bend. I thought I was crippled. I was depressed.

After listening to Darrel and a friend who had been receiving help from him, I decided to challenge myself. I began conditioning my body on a high-intensity machine called the XLR8. It allowed me to control the pace and intensity according to my condition, which was initially very slow and tedious. I also had massages once weekly. I was on this regimen for two months.

Now, I can walk normally, and the pain is gone. My motto now is, "Don't give up on yourself." It is a struggle sometimes in my mind, but I'm determined to keep my aging body going and do the best I can. This mindset is paying off!

— Patricia L. 72 y.o

Three months ago I started on a journey, one that I never thought I would be starting, let alone sticking with it. Before I began, I was in a very dark place, one that I was not aware of. Everything in my life seemed to be dark. The sun shone a little less, the sky a different hue of blue. When I looked in the mirror, I did not like what I saw. But at that point, to me there was no reason to be angry because I had come to accept that I could never change no matter what I did. I did not realize that I held in so much pain, so much unforgivness that I could not really move forward.

Fast Forward: My dad starting to workout with Darrel and invited me to also workout. He described the workout as only 8 minutes long 3 times per week. I was like, “yeah, sure — why not? Doesn’t sound that hard." Then came time for my first workout, it was pretty hard, I barely got through it, but I did find that it was different than any other workout I have tried. After the workout I expected Darrel to pitch me some supplements that would “help” me lose weight quickly. Yet, that’s not what happened. Instead, he let me be on my way and encouraged me to come back the next workout. In all honesty, the next workout came around and I was debating whether to go or not. I went and was still shocked when Darrel still did not “sales pitch” me. He actually helped improve my workout before telling me about the products I use now that enhance my workouts. From that point forward, I fully believed in what Darrel says because his wisdom and mentorship have brought me this far in my journey 3 months in. I also try to get a massage from Darrel 1-3 weeks apart.

I have lost about 40 lbs, I started at 360 lbs, and now weigh 320 lbs. My journey continues, but I am glad God brought Darrel into my life. I have learned so many things that I didn’t know and things that I didn’t understand that are encouraging me daily and pushing me towards my goal.

A big bonus in doing this program with Darrel is a comment by my mom: "It's nice to see my son smile again!"

— Ryan H.

I am a 51 year old former athlete who suffers from a bulging disk in my lower back and chronic knee pain.  Darrel was recommended to me by a co-worker who has been receiving treatments for a number of years with great success. I have not been disappointed; in fact, very pleased. I have been a regular patient for a number of years and directly attribute to Darrel the improvements of my mind, body and soul. I have recommended Darrel to many of my friends who suffer from numerous ailments, and everyone has been a satisfied customer.  I believe and consider Darrel to be a master of his craft, sincere, honest and blessed with the gift of healing.   - Darryl Ng

Anyone searching for a Personal Coach/Massage Therapist should look no further than Darrel. I’m in my late 60s, and have been on a customized exercise regimen designed specifically for me by him. It includes the XLR8 full Range-Of-Motion machine, some sets of "burpees," the Inversion Table, and massage therapy. I did it rather half-heartedly for several months, and did not see very positive results. Then, about three months ago, I took another blood test by which my doctor monitors my kidney function, cholesterol, etc., since I'm on thyroid medication. After reviewing the results, Darrel persuaded me to work harder at exercising to see what kind of results would be possible by really putting my mind to it. This challenge, along with his coaching, kept me committed. 

I just received the results of my blood work and was very pleased. My total cholesterol went down 27 points -- 212 to 185. My previous readings were in the range of 212 to 239. Other numbers of my blood test also showed improvement. All of this was achieved without altering my diet, or giving up my beer-drinking. When I discussed my exercise program with my doctor, he said that this regimen is much superior to mere walking, as most others around my age do for exercise. I'm sure my numbers would have been far better had I listened to my doctor and Darrel, and improved my diet and lifestyle. Still, it's been Goodbye, Lipitor! since working with Darrel. I also know that, had I just sat around and not put in the effort, my results would have been far worse than even 3 months ago. My conditioning and general well-being have instead improved a lot, thanks to Darrel and his advice and coaching. The numbers tell the whole story.

By the way, I enjoy working on projects at home. In the past, I've been laid up on the couch and limped with pain. So I know for sure that, had I not been  coached by Darrel, I would likely not have full motion and function to enjoy life as I am now. For those who have goals to meet in a short time and want to get on a fast track, especially, I would highly recommend Darrel.

- Ed N.

Feedback and Observations

An 84 y.o. client had pain & limited motion in her elbow after falling. A Physiatrist prescribed Physical Therapy twice weekly. After 1 month, the therapist discharged her, concluding that her range of motion was permanently restricted due to her age. Darrel then started treating her with massages and coaching her in exercising the arm. Full function was shortly restored with no further pain for the rest of her life. She died at age 91.

A client had severe foot pain, which caused her to quit work  and walking for exercise. An orthopedic surgeon told her  surgery was required to determine the cause of her pain. She  declined, and sought an alternative solution. After her first  treatment by Darrel, she obtained relief & could walk with only little pain. She continued with massages and exercises he  taught to strengthen her muscles and avoid future problems.  She was soon able to resume walking uphill again, & made  plans to return to work.

At 70, a client's legs became stiff & weak, and he mostly lay  on the sofa all day. He would “try anything” to be able to walk  normally again. Darrel did massages weekly at his house. He  regained mobility, and would eventually do 18 holes of golf  using a cart. He also went on trips with his buddies to the  mainland.

A male over 40 y.o. feared he wouldn’t be able to work as a postal carrier anymore because of sudden pain and weakness in his hand. He phoned requesting urgent care. He obtained relief in 1 session. Darrel recommended further massages to strengthen the muscles to avoid recurrences. He has had no  further problem after 5 years...

Following surgery to repair a crushed knee after from falling  off a ladder, the surgeon told a client he could expect to have  “X” range of motion. He did not settle for the restrictive  prognosis. He wanted more. His son’s friend referred him to  Darrel. After several massage sessions, the doctor measured  a gain of 15% more range of motion than predicted. Many  months later, the client was seen walking normally up a steep  hill.

An 81 y.o. client couldn't lie on her back after falling and fracturing her spine. She slept on a recliner for 1-1/2 yrs., while her family sought relief for her. An orthopedist said her fracture was too old, or set, for surgery. An orthopedic surgeon ordered a corset, which she discarded as "humbug." An internist ordered an electric bed so she could sleep with her upper torso elevated. However, due to ongoing pain, stiffness, and hardened muscles, she sought relief through massage therapy. Two therapists treated her. Both gave no relief. One even caused an increase in soreness. On 3rd try, they found Darrel at the Rathjen clinic. She needed much help getting on & off the massage table. After 2 sessions, she was finally able to sleep on her back. Thereafter, she slept on her back and continued massage therapy and exercise/walking sessions with Darrel. Eventually, her muscles softened and loosened up enough, so she quit using Celebrex even with the chronic arthritis in her hip and knee. She seemed puzzled whenever doctors asked her if she had pain. "No-o," she'd answer quizzically. Darrel helped her to maintain mobility by walking her at a nearby park. She was free of arthritic pain thereafter, despite x-rays that showed severe arthritis which one doctor even interpreted as possible cancer.

Although rare, some clients come walking in bent over —  unable to straighten their backs and stand upright, usually due to sports injuries. Darrel was able to help them obtain relief  after 1 session.